3D is super cool, but it requires new hardware. Read here for important how-to information and system requirements for playing our 3D content, for both computer and 3D HDTV playback.

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3D-Capable PC Playback
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The first decision to make is whether you plan to play back our movies on a PC, or on a 3D-capable HDTV. Below you'll find the system requirements for either method. Next, because 3D playback in the home is new technology, there's a lot of unfamiliar terminology and it can get rather confusing. To help guide you through the process of getting set-up for 3D playback, we've included some very useful informational links along with information specific to playing back our clips and movies.

Passive versus Active glasses technology:
This is the first distinction to make. If your only memory of 3D movies is using those funny-looking red/blue paper glasses from the 1950's, then you'll be pleased to know 3D technology has come a long way since then. Those dual colored glasses are called Anaglyph, and they are even still Anaglyphpopular today due to low cost and ease of finding. These are passive glasses because they are not powered, they don't use a battery.  However, the anaglyph form of displaying 3D motion pictures provides the lowest-quality image available today, with more ghosting and very poor color fidelity. It's because of this that we do not provide our films (other than a few sample clips here, for those who haven't upgraded their hardware yet) in anaglyph 3D format.
The next type of glasses are also passive, but provide better quality than those old 1950's-type glasses. These are polarized glasses, and if you've gone to a 3D movie in the theater recently, you've probably used polarized glasses.

The last type of glasses are called Active Shutter glasses, because they are powered by a battery. These 3D Visionactive glasses use an LCD within the lens to alternately open and close the lens for each eye, 120 times per second. So whether you're watching on a 3D PC monitor, or a 3D HDTV, both technologies uses this method where the image for left eye and right eye are shown alternately, 120 times per second, and the viewer's glasses are synced to the display (usually via an IR transmitter) to receive the image for each eye at the proper time. Your brain does not notice the fast on/off switching, and the resulting image is astoundingly clear and dimensional - this technology provides the best 3D image possible, even better than in commercial cinemas. NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ glasses use active shutter technology, as do the glasses provided with 3D plasma and LCD TVs.

Membership Area clips vs. Individual clips for purchase (Side-by-Side vs. Dual Stream):
AnaglyphMEMBERSHIP CLIPS: Clips in our Member's Area are provided in 1920x1080, side-by-side 3D format. The advantage to purchasing a Membership to the Subscription Site is that you get a wide variety of clips, over 400 in rotation, from many different movies - including numerous clips from all our released 3D Movies. The only downside to the side-by-side format is that it cuts horizontal resolution in half. However, side-by-side 3D clips in our Member's Area still look very good, with a clear, pleasing 3D effect. And of course, Stereoscopic Player can output the 3D video in any format you like, including NVIDIA® 3D Vision™, anaglyph, and side-by-side.

AnaglyphINDIVIDUAL CLIPS FOR PURCHASE: Individual clips are available for purchase from our catalog site in Full-HD 3D, 1920x1080 resolution for each eye. This provides the best possible image quality currently available, with a stunning, clear, 'you-are-there' 3D effect. Clips are provided as individual left and right WMV-HD files, and must be played using using the Stereoscopic Player program to view in 3D. To open separate left & right 3D files, use CTRL-F and direct the program to the left and right WMV-HD files. You must be using version 1.6.6 or later of the program to play our 3D full-resolution left and right files. The best possible quality is obtained by providing full 1920x1080 resolution for each eye. Why individual left & right files, and not a single dual-stream WMV file? The only format available, that provides the highest possible quality with full 1920x1080 for each eye, and allows protection of our copyrighted material, is the dual left and right file 3D format. And just as with side-by-side clips, Stereoscopic Player can output the 3D video in any format you like, including NVIDIA® 3D Vision™, anaglyph, and side-by-side.

It's possible to play both our 3D WMV clips and our Blu-Ray films on a 3D-capable PC. Here you'll find all the information needed to get your system set up for 3D playback on a 3D-capable PC. There are several upgrades that will be needed, but once you've seen the immersive 3D experience of our films on a 3D PC, you'll be glad you spent the time and money to upgrade!

3D Components

3D-Capable 120Hz Monitor:

3D MonitorYou'll need a 3D-ready PC monitor that is capable of 120Hz Playback. A list of compatible monitors is provided and regularly updated on the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ site. We recommend the LG W2363D monitor, a Full HD 1920x1080 23" 3D monitor that provides excellent 3D quality for under $500.00.

3D Active Shutter Glasses:
You'll also need a 3D active shutter glasses. We recommend the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ kit that includes glasses and an IR emitter. More information about these glasses is provided on the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ site. The glasses and emitter set is priced around $200.00.

3D-Capable Video Card:
Finally, you'll likely need to upgrade your video card to one that's capable of display Full HD 3D video. We have tested our HD 3D clips using a GeForce GTX460-based card, and the playback quality is fantastic. A complete list of compatible cards, and the type of content they are suited for is also included on the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ site. Compatible cards start below $200.00. Note that all the hardware upgrades listed here are in addition to the System Requirements for playback of our standard WMV-HD clips.

Powerful CPU and Adequate RAM:
Since our clips are provided in 1920x1080p WMV format for the best possible quality, they require a fast CPU with adequate memory for smooth, stutter-free playback. That four-year-old Celeron notebook you have sitting in the closet won't cut it! For best results, we recommend at minimum a Quad-Core Intel CPU and at least 4Gb RAM. However, slower systems may play back the clips, but at a reduced frame rate. Note that all the hardware upgrades listed here are in addition to the System Requirements for playback of our standard WMV-HD clips.

Mac /Linux Playback:
Playback on the Mac, Linux, or other non-Windows operating systems is not supported. Our 3D WMV-HD clips are copy protected using Microsoft DRM technology, and therefore are only playable on Windows-based PCs. If you're a Mac user, be sure to check out our great Full-HD 3D titles on Blu-Ray disc.

3D Software Requirements:
You'll need to use the Stereoscopic Player by to view our clips in 3D. They are not viewable in 3D using Windows Media Player, VLC, or other players. This excellent player is capable of 3D playback of a wide variety of file and 3D encoding formats, and it can output the signal in many different ways including anaglyph, NVIDIA® 3D Vision™, and side-by-side (for 3DTV playback). The trial version is free of charge. Important - using 3D Vision™ output, Stereoscopic Player will only display a 3D image while in full-screen mode. Next, you'll need to be using Windows 7 or Vista, as the 3D Vision software is not compatible with earlier versions of Windows.

AnaglyphSetup of Stereoscopic Player:
To set up the Stereoscopic Player for playback in the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ format, see the following screen capture. From the main menu, choose View - Viewing Method - NVIDIA 3D Vision. The 3D image will only be displayed in full-screen mode.

3D Blu-Ray playback is also possible on the PC. In fact, you can use your PC to supply a perfect 3D HD signal to your 3DTV, instead of a 3D Blu-Ray player. Besides the aforementioned 3D hardware upgrades, you'll need to have a BD-ROM drive installed in your computer. In addition, you'll need to use a 3D software Blu-Ray player. We highly recommend Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 MKII (or newer), the most established BD playback software on the market.

One final word about PC playback: SIT FAR BACK FROM THE MONITOR! The proper viewing distance for watching 3D videos is not the same distance that you normally sit for working on the computer. You need to be far enough back to view the 3D content at the proper angle. For a 23" widescreen monitor, we recommend viewing at least 4 feet away from the monitor.

You can also play our dual-stream (individual 3D clips for purchase) and side-by-side (membership area 3D clips) WMV-HD 3D clips on a traditional non-3D monitor using Stereoscopic Player and red/cyan anaglyph glasses. Using this method, the image quality is greatly degraded and colors are not accurately reproduced. However, it is a way to view the clips in 3D right away, without having to upgrade your system to be 3D-capable. The great thing about providing our clips in WMV-HD format for playback with the Stereoscopic Player, is that they are 'future-proof' - meaning you can play them now in anaglyphic format using red/cyan glasses on a non-3D system. Then, when you upgrade your system to be fully 3D-compatible in the future, you can simply switch the output method in the Stereoscopic Player software to experience clips in the best possible quality! No need to purchase the clips again or download them in a different format.

Setup of Stereoscopic Player:
To set up the Stereoscopic Player for playback in anaglyph format, see the following screen capture. From the main menu, choose View - Viewing Method - Anaglyph - Color Anaglyph Red/Cyan (or Optimized Anaglyph Red/Cyan if you prefer the results). The 3D image will be displayed in windowed and full-screen mode.



It's simpler - but more expensive - to watch our great 3D naturist films on a 3DTV. Here's what you will need to play our movies, and other 3D films, on your TV at home. Although this upgrade is more costly, after you've seen great 3D HD content on a superb 42" or 50" 3DTV, you'll realize it was a great investment!

3D-Capable TV:
You'll need a 3DTV that is capable of Full HD 3D Playback, using the side-by-side encoding method. While new 3DTV models are3D Monitor being released almost on a weekly basis, we highly recommend the Panasonic Viera series of 3D plasma TVs. The 3D image quality these sets provide from Blu-Ray HD is simply stunning. Plasma panels have faster response times than LCD panels, making them better for 3D display, with less ghosting. Also, several home theater projectors are being released with 120Hz 3D playback capability.

3D Active Shutter Glasses:
You'll also need a 3D active shutter glasses. Rather than the NVIDIA glasses, you will most likely use glasses that are provided with your brand of 3DTV.

Using NVIDIA 3DPlay:
With the new NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™ software, you can also use your 3DTV just like a big 3D computer monitor, with the BluRay 3D3D Vision glasses. You'll need to have the 3D Vision system, and download the 3DTV Play software upgrade. Also, you should connect your HDTV to the video card using an HDMI 1.4 or faster cable. Select 3D Vision output from Stereoscopic Player, set the output to full-screen mode, and watch in full-HD 3D using your 3D Vision glasses! Note that this software has been tested to work with the Panasonic® VIERA® Full-HD 3D Plasma TVs, which we highly recommend. In our opinion, the Panasonic 3D plasma sets provide the best 3D image quality on the market, far superior to Samsung, LG, and others.

3D Blu-Ray Player:
This is where things get a little confusing. There are two different ways 3D content can be recorded onto a Blu-Ray disc. The first is side-by-side 3D format. This is where both left and right eye images are displayed in a single frame, compressed horizontally to half size. The advantage to this format is it does not require a new Blu-Ray 3D player for playback - discs can be played on any traditional Blu-Ray player or on a Blu-Ray equipped PC. The side-by-side image is compatible with most 3DTVs. You may have to press the '3D' button on your TV's remote to engage 3D playback if your TV does not automatically detect the 3D signal. The disadvantage to this format is that the horizontal resolution for each eye is reduced by half. However, side-by-side content on Blu-Ray can still provide a pleasing, immersive, and detailed 3D image. This is the format that many satellite HD channels use for broadcasting 3D HD programming, including sports, documentaries, and movies. is currently releasing movie titles on Blu-Ray in this side-by-side 3D format.

BluRay 3DThe next 3D format on Blu-Ray is true Blu-Ray 3D disc. This is where the full 1920x1080 image for each eye is stored and displayed separately. It's also the format that all major 3D Hollywood films are being released in. The advantage to this format is that it is true Full-HD 3D, providing the clearest, sharpest, most dimensional image quality possible. The disadvantage to this format is that it can only be played on a new Blu-Ray 3D player, connected to a 3DTV using an HDMI 1.4 or faster connection. Another disadvantage to Blu-Ray 3D is that the fastest frame rate supported by the 3D Blu-Ray specification is 24fps. is not currently releasing titles in this emerging format, but we plan to release movies in Blu-Ray 3D format as soon as cost-effective authoring solutions become available. However, as a way to "future-proof" our customer's purchases, we are offering a one-of-a-kind guarantee against obsolescence.

3D Blu-Ray 'Future-Proof Guarantee':
Purchase any movie in side-by-side 3D on Blu-Ray format now, and you will receive a coupon for $70.00 off the same title in Blu-Ray 3D format when it becomes available. The coupon is valid for two years! This way, you can enjoy our great HD Naturist Films in side-by-side 3D right now, and when they become available on Blu-Ray 3D in the future (and/or when you upgrade to a 3D Blu-Ray player), you can receive the same movie on Blu-Ray 3D for a very nominal cost.

In addition to standalone Blu-Ray 3D players, you can also use a properly-equipped 3D PC as the Blu-Ray playback source. See the Cyberlink 3D Playback site for more information.

Here are other great resources for learning about 3DTV and 3D playback on the PC. 3D 101 - home of the Stereoscopic Player

NVIDIA® 3D Vision™

3D Films on 1080p Blu-Ray Disc -
side-by-side format, for playback on most 3DTVs using a standard Blu-Ray Player or Blu-Ray equipped PC. Blu-Ray 3D titles coming soon. So real it's like being there!

Downloadable 3D WMV-HD clips from our 3D films. View using Stereoscopic Player on a 120Hz 3D monitor with NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ glasses for best results, or on a standard monitor using red/cyan glasses.
Membership Area 3D Clips - Full download access to hundreds of HD clips, including many new and upcoming 3D clips, in side-by-side 1920x1080 WMV-HD format.
Individual dual stream Full-HD 3D Clips - Select individual clips from our films for purchase, in the highest-quality dual stream Full-HD 3D format.


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